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Our individual kennels offer heated bedrooms and adjoining runs. Our guests can have free access to both areas day and night.

Each kennel is provided with clean fresh water which is checked throughout the day. The bedroom has a clean plastic bed allocated to the size of its guest with plenty of blankets to snuggle into.

We also provide a range of toys to keep our guests amused inbetween the times we are not entertaining them. Music provides a relaxing background and is on day and night. If you wish to provide your own bedding and a toy from home thats fine (sometimes it helps to have a familiar smell of home).

All our guests are exercised three times per day. We have a free run play area where we have great fun playing ball and chase. Each guest is exercised individually unless from the same family.

All diets are catered for however, if your pet is on a special diet it may be advisable to bring this with you.

Should your pet require medication to be administered our dedicated staff will do so at no extra charge so long as we are able to do so. Our staff are canine first aid trained.

For a small charge we offer a departure bath. Why not treat your pet to a bit of pampering and take them home smelling sweet!!

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and we recommend vaccination against Infectious Bronchitis (KennelCough) for all our dogs. Their vaccination record card must be produced on arrival and will be returned when you collect your pet.
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